The Cum Laude Society

Annual Reporting and Fees

In the spring of each year, the Chapter Secretary will receive a reminder email to login to the online account and complete annual reporting and pay dues and fees. Each chapter must submit the following annually:

  • Annual Report
  • Induction Registration Report
  • Induction Registration Fees
  • Annual Dues

All items are due by July 1.

Submission of Reports and Fees

A responsibility of membership in Cum Laude is the timely submission of reports and fees. Schools failing to meet deadlines should be aware of the following:

  1. On or about September 15th the Central Office will send an email to the chapter secretary asking for the missing report/data/fees.
  2. If (a) does not produce results, on or about October 15th, the Regent will contact the chapter president requesting the information.
  3. If neither (a) nor (b) produce results, on or about November 1st, the Regent will contact the school head of school or principal requesting the information. Failure to submit required items can cause the Society to suspend chapter activity.