The Cum Laude Society
The Cum Laude Society

Pins, Certificates and Seals

To ensure delivery of orders before the end of the school year, your order must be received by Cum Laude no later than April 28, 2023. Orders received after this date will not ship until September/October of 2023.

ANNUAL DUES —Due June 30, 2023 from each chapter. Please use the online system to renew annual membership dues of $150.00 no later than the June 30 deadline. 

ANNUAL REPORTS — Due June 30, 2023 from each chapter. Report on the year just concluding (2022-23). Please use the online system to submit your annual report no later than the June 30 deadline.

TEN-YEAR CHAPTER REVIEWS — Due September 1, 2023 from those chapters required to complete in 2023. Once a decade, each chapter is required to complete a Ten-Year Chapter Review, supplying up-to-date information to Cum Laude. Appropriate forms will show up on your account if your school is due to submit this report in 2023. There is also a link on our website under “Operating Information” listing all ten-year review due dates. Please use the online system to submit this report by the September 1 deadline. Late fee of $50 will be assessed after September 15th.

INDUCTION REGISTRATION FORMS — Due June 30, 2023. Fee is $10 per student or faculty member.

Please direct all communications to the Cum Laude Office:

The Cum Laude Society
9462 Brownsboro Road #359
Louisville, KY 40241

Bradley E. Lyman, Registrar General
Robbie McConnell, Office Manager


Office Hours - Monday through Thursday 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Closed during all school breaks/holidays
Orders will not be processed or shipped in June, July, and December or during school breaks/holidays.