Ten Year Review

Once every decade, each Chapter is asked to file a 10 -Year
Chapter Review. The primary purpose of this review is to assure
the Regents that the school is maintaining the high academic
standards in the selection of student members. The Regents study
these reports with great care.
In evaluating Ten-Year Chapter Reviews, the Regents examine a
range of factors: resources, program, and student profile. Taken
together, these factors relate directly to the school's capacity
to maintain and recognize a high level of academic aspiration and
In the area of resources, the Regents are concerned with
significant changes in the school's charter or by-laws,
administrative organization, financial resources and physical
plant and the effects these might have upon the academic life of
the school. Perhaps most important is the strength and stability
of the school's human resources, especially faculty and
The Regents look at the academic program for evidence that the
school continues to provide a strong college preparatory
curriculum that is responsive to the intellectual needs of able
students. Also, they are interested in the school's accreditation
In assessing the student profile of the school, the Regents
consider the amount of attrition, the number of incoming students,
and the number of seniors who are enrolled in the college
preparatory curriculum and who have taken AP Exams. Of
significance is the number of national merit semi-finalists and
commended students in the graduating class as well as the number
of students receiving recognition through the National Achievement
Scholarship program for outstanding Negro students and the
National Hispanic Scholar awards.
Particular attention is focused on the records of those
student selected to Cum Laude over a three year period: their SAT
and Achievement scores, Advanced Placement Test results and their
college placement are closely examined and compared with a
national profile of Cum Laude members.
Board Actions on Ten-Year Reviews
Following careful study, each chapter submitting a Ten-Year
Review is written a letter by the President General. Options
A. Continuing Full Membership: with praise for the
B. Continuing Full Membership: with praise for the
Chapter, with comments about report;
C. Continuing Membership: with elections limited to 10%
of the senior class;
D. Continuing Membership: with 'occasional' elections
permitted (less than 10% of the senior class);
Note: Restrictions connected with responses 'C' and 'D' stay
in effect until the next Ten-Year Report is submitted, or until an
appeal is sought and granted. As long as the restriction remains
in effect, Cum Laude annually will ask your school to attach to
your Report descriptive materials for each student elected in
order to verify that the restriction is sufficient. Materials
requested will include:
SAT Verbal and Math scores, and other extensions of the SAT
Advanced Placement tests taken and scores
Achievement tests taken and scores
College attending;
E. Suspended membership: No elections until the matter
is discussed at the next General Convention;
F. Report not received: No elections until the matter
is discussed at the next General Convention.